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The concept for BioLounge emerged after decades of personal interest in health and many years of clinical practice working with thousands of patients.

What struck me most over the years was the chasmic disconnect between a patient’s desire to optimize their health and the medical establishment's symptom management approach. If there are no symptoms, what is there to manage? At the same time, we know the best medicine is that which treats disease before symptoms manifest.

Some of these tools for doing just that have existed for millennia while new science and research continue discovering even more ways for people to live longer, fuller lives free of disease. Our interest is to leverage these tools and make them widely available to those who strive for optimal health.
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A lifelong interest in health and wellness prompted Jeff to receive medical training from Columbia University and later to board certification and fellowship training from the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. He is especially interested in therapies that promote longevity and optimize cellular performance.

He is most recently coming from a five-year role as Functional Medicine director at RestorePDX (Portland’s premier regenerative medicine clinic - www.restorePDX.com). BioLounge is the latest expression of his desire to bring leading-edge science and medicine as well as innovative products and services to the public.
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Megan Barnett, MS

Megan Barnett works as a functional nutritionist using her in depth understanding of physiology and nutrition to create biochemically tailored nutrition plans that optimize her clients’ health. Instead of using mainstream dietary advice, comprehensive laboratory testing and health history serve as a guide for building individualized nutrition therapies to support peak health.

Megan holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University and a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. She also holds certificates in mindful eating from University of California, San Diego as well as vinyasa yoga.

Julie Browning CHWC, LMC

Since 2001 Julie has been helping runners, cyclists and triathletes reach their athletic goals. Over the years her coaching style has evolved to a more holistic approach to fitness and health that includes clean eating, mindset, mindfulness, stress management, rest and recovery. It seemed a natural step for her to pursue a Health and Wellness Coaching Certification (CHWC) through Well Coaches and a Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Certification (LMC). Wellness means different things to different people and Julie thoroughly enjoys partnering with them to explore ways to achieve their individual health and wellness goals by equipping and empowering them to make positive lifestyle changes.

Julie lives in SW Portland with her husband and teenage daughter. When Julie isn’t coaching, you’ll find her outside in the mountains riding her mountain bike, trail running or nordic skiing.

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