Ashley Koch, MS

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Ashley works with adults, teens and children in Portland, Ore., and throughout the country. She is collaborative and comprehensive. Her approach utilizes evidence-based investigation coupled with lifestyle medicine to address chronic disease and chronic symptoms to optimize your health.

Ashley takes the time to understand your full health history, review prior lab results, order state-of-the-art laboratory testing, and at times partner with others providers to understand and/or advocate for your needs. Her approach allows her to identify the root cause of your symptoms while taking into account environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors.

There is no one who knows your body better than you. Together, you and Ashley will explore your symptoms and articulate your personal health goals. She can partner with you to identify the missing pieces that can lead to achieving your desired outcomes and long-term health. She's passionate about supporting people who have been suffering to find relief from their symptoms so that they can enjoy life.

Ashley knows what it's like to want to feel better or to want to help your child feel better. As a child herself, Ashley struggled with chronic disease. Her children also suffered from chronic disease as well as autoimmunity, food allergies, debilitating eczema and anxiety. She decided to pursue functional medicine after experiencing the immense healing that came from diet and lifestyle changes. Ashley earned her master’s degree in human nutrition and functional medicine at University of Western States in Portland, Ore.

Ashley wants to empower individuals and families to make food and lifestyle choices that fit into their lives, address their unique biochemistry, and allow them to be in the driver's seat of their health journey.

Her specialties include gut health, autoimmunity, IBS, various digestive disorders, women’s health, anxiety and pediatrics (including autism, ADHD and other behavioral disorders).