Head-to-toe health screening

Our mission at Biolounge is to support each patient in living their longest and healthiest life. We aim to increase your “healthspan” not just your lifespan. The most effective way to do that is to identify factors that lead to disease well before they take hold so we can address imbalances, infection and injury to prevent disease.

Our cutting-edge, head-to-toe health screening includes:

  • Head to toe physical with neurological exam
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular testing
  • Metabolic testing and glucose monitoring
  • Body composition
  • Food sensitivity screening
  • Intracellular micronutrient balance
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Bone density scan
  • Sleep assessment
  • Genetic risk assessment
  • Gut and digestive analysis
  • DNA age

We strongly recommend that our patients interested in extending their healthspan and longevity consider a head-to-toe health screening beginning at 45 years old and every five years thereafter. For more information, please contact us.