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  • BioLounge 21-day Sugar Fix
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21-day Sugar Fix

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Sugar is bad for our health for so many reasons, but it’s so hard to quit! And sugar is not just in “sweets,” it’s in other foods, too, like alcohol, fruits and grains. Sugar puts the body on an energy roller coaster, which leads to increased inflammation and fat storage. It also disrupts hormone balance, affecting thyroid function, blood sugar metabolism, stress response and sex hormones.

This 21-day program will gently ease your body away from carbohydrate reliance, toward stable blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar can lead to rapid weight loss, better sleep, clearer skin, reduced pain, increased focus, consistent energy and elevated mood. Most patients report weight loss ranging from 8-15 pounds. 

Over a 3 week period, carefully designed meals reduce dependence on sugar and improve fat burning.  Paired with 

  • Florasophy® fiber supplement soluble fiber has the powerful capacity to bind toxins and bile in the gut, carrying them into the colon instead of allowing reabsorption in the intestinal tract. This is important every day, but even more critical when doing a detox since the liver is taxed with sending increased levels of toxins into the gut for removal. One teaspoon of Florasophy soluble fiber powder should be taken at each meal.
  • Trace Minerals™ electrolytes are included in your detox because many people experience dehydration when reducing carbohydrates even when water consumption is the same or greater. Electrolytes are needed to maintain proper fluid balance and to optimize your energy levels so you can function at your best. 
  • BioLounge MetaBoost Berberine shown to improve glucose regulation, improve the microbiome and boost metabolism.

you will experience higher energy, increased metabolism, deeper sleep and a clearer mind.

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