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BioLounge offers personalized medicine tailored to reverse disease and extend healthspan. We go far beyond what’s offered through conventional medicine. Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest advances in functional and longevity medicine so we can offer services and products that make a real difference in achieving optimal health.

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  • Testing and evaluation

    We start with a rigorous protocol of testing and evaluation that puts the "personal" in personalized medicine.

  • Healthspan

    No matter where you are in life, we work to extend your healthspan using the principles of longevity medicine.

  • Nutrition and weight management

    Our functional nutrition practitioners address the root causes of your health issues so we can eliminate them for good.

  • Diagnosis and treatment

    Many of our patients come to BioLounge when they've been unable to find answers through conventional medical channels.

  • Wellness programs

    We've created a variety of specialized programs to help you achieve optimal wellness that meet you where you are today.

  • Community partnerships

    BioLounge has cultivated professional partnerships so we can refer you to likeminded practitioners who support your well-being.

  • "Jeff has been keeping me healthy for over 10 years. This is truly preventative health care that is not available in the mainstream healthcare system. Even though I pay out-of-pocket for his care, it is worth every cent I spend."

    Duane S.

  • "Megan has a gift for seeing the body as an integrated system and is driven to find the ultimate cause of illness or dysfunction. She was able to piece together my lab results, symptoms and other feedback to identify several hidden imbalances that had gone unnoticed."

    Anita S.

  • "Jeff listens patiently and answers my plethora of questions at every visit. He stays current with new health information. He's knowledgeable about supplements and practices preventative medicine, which is the reason I drive 25 miles for an office visit. Jeff is awesome!"

    Alice S.

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