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We're not your average health clinic. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, concierge healthcare using cutting-edge diagnostics and lifestyle medicine. BioLounge is known for its in-depth, evidence-based investigations. We take the time to dig deep to find the root causes of your symptoms, routinely finding things other healthcare providers miss. Our goal is to treat underlying health issues so you can enjoy optimal health and longevity. 

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  • Anti-aging and longevity

    Longevity is about optimizing cellular health so you can stay young and fit for your whole life. We offer the latest evidence-based medicine and innovations in testing and therapy to help you slow down (or even reverse) aging.

  • Functional medicine and nutrition

    We don't just reduce symptoms. We identify and address the root cause of your health issues so we can eliminate them for good. We use a variety of tests, nutrition therapies, monitoring devices and interventions for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Gut and digestive health

    Ensuring that your entire digestive track is working properly is critical to optimal health. We use a holistic, functional approach to repair damage, improve digestive function and keep your gut healthy.

  • Hormone therapy

    Hormone imbalances can dramatically impact your mood, energy level, body composition and weight. We offer a variety of hormone replacement options to effectively control hormone levels in men and women.

  • Metabolism and weight loss

    Metabolism isn't just about diet and exercise. We assess all factors contributing to your metabolic health then apply cutting-edge, scientific interventions to boost your metabolism.

  • Pain and inflammation

    Chronic pain and inflammation reduce your quality of life. Rather than suppress pain or immune function to improve symptoms, we work to identify the root cause of the inflammatory cycle so we can help you heal.