Reproductive health

BioLounge services: Reproductive health

Healthy hormone regulation is essential to overall well being; however, maintaining the delicate balance of hormones is not always clear-cut. This is because our reproductive hormones are affected by many factors, including:

  • nutrient deficiency
  • latent infection
  • anemia
  • elevated histamine levels and allergies
  • gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities
  • gut dysfunction
  • toxic exposures
  • genetics

Addressing and resolving those factors can mean you can enjoy the benefits of healthy hormone production and metabolism such as:

  • resolution of PMS and cycle-related symptoms
  • improved energy and mood
  • natural conception
  • healthy pregnancy and childbirth
  • improved body composition
  • symptom-free perimenopause and menopause

Jackie Kirihara, ND, brings a combined healthcare approach aimed at optimizing the hormone balance and reproductive health of women and couples.