Longevity medicine

BioLounge services: longevity medicine

BioLounge has been on the leading edge of offering longevity and anti-aging services to patients since our inception. Our patients benefit from our training and experience in this area of medicine, and we strive to stay current with the latest science, diagnostic tests and screening tools to help our patients optimize not only their lifespan but also their health span.

We have the unique ability to analyze a patient's current health status and then intervene on their behalf, fundamentally changing their health trajectory. We offer best-in-class screening and diagnostic tests, therapeutic and personalized nutrition, hormone therapy and access to evidence-based drugs and interventions that have the potential to slow the process of aging and optimize health.

Your longevity/anti-aging assessment will include a complete health history, personalized laboratory panel and screenings based on age, health history and family history, and biological age testing.
A biological age test (DNA methylation test) calculates your body’s physical age to show how fast you're aging—and possibly even how much longer you can expect to live if you continue the same health habits. A biological age test measures your epigenetic markers, which alter your gene activity. Your DNA is fixed, but you can alter epigenetic markers, essentially switching them on or off through lifestyle choices and environment. That means that your biological age may be much older than you really are because of cellular damage. Once you know your biological age, you can make necessary changes to alter your epigenetic markers and turn back the clock on your body health. By taking action and then continuing good habits after your biological age test, you not only can reverse damage, but also slow the aging process down long-term.
BioLounge offers an extensive menu of evidence-based, anti-aging treatments to help you reverse cellular damage and return to a more youthful body. Some of the many options include hormone therapy, nutrition, lifestyle support, IV therapy, and prescription and peptide therapy. Hormone therapy: BioLounge offers multiple types of hormone therapy for both men and women, but the most popular and effective is bioidentical hormone replacement pellets. They’re a great option for men and women who suffer from hormone deficiencies. The pellets deliver the hormone slowly over time for three to six months. This can help you roll back the clock by restoring the same hormone level you had when you were young. Hormone therapy can improve your appearance, energy level and emotional outlook as well. Nutrition is a key part of extending your longevity. The highly trained nutrition team at BioLounge design personalized nutrition programs aimed at optimizing your unique biochemistry and cellular health. BioLounge providers educate and support you as you learn how to address nutritional deficiencies and incorporate powerful anti-aging foods into your diet. Part of optimal nutrition is also using the right supplements, at the right time, when needed. BioLounge offers pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplement prescriptions formulated for your specific body chemistry and needs to help you succeed. Lifestyle support: After a thorough assessment, our team will identify lifestyle factors that will have the most impact on your individual health and wellbeing. Routines surrounding sleep, activity, and stress response are essential to extending health span. Your longevity protocol will include recommendations, referrals and coordinated care to insure all aspects of your plan are supported and optimized. IV therapy: Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers a mega-powerful dose of vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood. The NAD infusion is one popular option for anti-aging. It fosters DNA repair, cellular regeneration and healthy enzyme activity while boosting your metabolism and energy. The BioLounge team can help you customize an anti-aging treatment for your goals and needs. Prescription and peptide therapy: BioLounge offers the latest drug therapies to help you reverse the aging process. This includes a wide range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplements made just for your needs.