Functional medicine and nutrition

BioLounge services: Functional medicine and nutrition

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to care that combines holistic and integrative medicine for comprehensive treatment. While conventional medicine focuses on reducing the symptoms of disease, functional medicine addresses the underlying problem to eliminate both the disease and its symptoms.

Because functional medicine treats the whole person, this approach requires individualized treatment for each patient. At BioLounge, patients receive a variety of assessments, nutrition therapies, monitoring devices, prescriptive and supplemental intervention and ongoing structured support to diagnose and treat their unique health concerns.

By applying comprehensive diagnostics, a deep understanding of biochemistry and human biology alongside a thorough investigation, functional medicine practitioners work to uncover the unique factors that are affecting each individual that seeks treatment. Functional medicine providers at BioLounge strive to stay updated on current research, applying evidence-based medical practices to resolve health concerns.

A growing understanding around nutrition science, genomics, epigenetics and biochemistry are required for optimal outcomes. BioLounge medical providers have advanced training in functional medicine and our nutritionists hold master’s degree in both functional medicine and human nutrition to provide comprehensive functional medicine and nutritional services to their patients.

The functional medicine approach works to identify systems within the body that are not working optimally. Our providers know that the body is a dynamic and synergistic system and when one process is not functioning well, the other organs and processes are affected as well. By working to balance hormones, optimize digestion, absorption and elimination, boost detoxification, normalize immune function, and support a healthy lifestyle, functional medicine creates a foundation for thriving. Whether you know what is causing your symptoms or you’re looking for a team that will investigate and uncover the cause of your health symptoms, BioLounge providers are skilled at treating chronic symptoms, conditions and autoimmune disease. Our providers are trained not only to pay close attention to the individual factors that each patient is experiencing and reporting so they can uncover the true cause of disease, but also to help each patient resolve the root cause of their condition.
Testing and diagnostics may include comprehensive blood panels, urinalysis, hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, intracellular micronutrient testing, stool testing, genetic testing, infectious disease screenings, heavy metal/environmental toxins/mycotoxin testing and glucose monitoring devices.
Functional medicine focuses on preventing disease and reversing the underlying imbalances and infections that lead to chronic conditions and autoimmunity. Some of the most common chronic conditions that functional medicine can prevent, or reverse include Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), GERD and heartburn, hypertension, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease, acne, PMS/PMDD, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, eczema and psoriasis, pain, weight gain or loss, fatty liver, gall bladder dysfunction, cognitive decline, autonomic nervous system disorders, mast cell activation syndrome and long COVID.