Our approach

Jeff Grimm, NP, founded BioLounge in 2018 to fill gaps that exist in the current healthcare system by delivering best-in-class medical services and products using a precision medicine approach to extend healthspan by preventing or reversing chronic disease.

Testing and evaluation

Putting our knowledge to work for you means starting with a rigorous protocol of testing and evaluation. That's the "personal" in personalized medicine. We'll uncover the unique factors and conditions that enable us to guide you in solving your individual health challenges, and in crafting a pathway to optimize well-being and healthspan. The inital evaluation enables us to direct every patient to the right practitioners and programs for their individual needs.


At every stage of life, we can work to extend healthspan through the principals of longevity medicine. We put the latest knowledge and science to work for you, touching every aspect of wellness. Our key areas of focus:

  • Deep diagnostic, full body analysis
  • Optimize nutrients, hormones and organ function
  • Address root cause of dysfunction and inflammation
  • Leverage the full benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Nutrition and weight management

Our functional nutrition practitioners work to address the root causes of your health issues so we can eliminate them for good. We’re relentless in pursuing the answers you need to feel your best, focusing on:

  • Ensuring that your entire digestive track is working properly, repairing damage, improving digestive function and keeping your gut healthy.
  • Applying cutting-edge, scientific interventions to boost your metabolism for lifelong weight management.

Diagnosis and treatment

Many of our patients come to BioLounge when they’ve been unable to find answers through conventional medical channels. Our focus on testing and evaluation combined with a team of subject matter specialists ensures that, regardless of your concerns, we will find the right practitioner and an approach to address your health issues, including cardiovascular health, autoimmune diseases and the chronic health conditions.

Wellness programs

We’re not just treating symptoms. We partner with every patient to achieve optimal wellness, and that’s a lifelong practice. So we’ve created a variety of programs that take you on the journey, starting where you are today, to true well-being throughout your life.

  • Our general wellness programs combine annual testing so we have visibility to your progress, with essential protocols that benefit everyone.
  • We offer a range of specialized programs that enable you to put the latest, evidence-based knowledge to work.
  • We have subscription programs for supplements and treatments that save you money and time.

Community partnerships

In addition to what’s offered directly by our team of practitioners, BioLounge has cultivated partnerships throughout the community. Whether it's a lab that "gets it" or skincare that's based on the latest science, we have the referrals to support your individual well-being.