Dan Chong, ND

Cardiovascular specialist

Growing up in Hawaii, Dan learned the importance of health and deep connection to nature at a young age. His interest in maintaining lifelong health through diet and lifestyle led him to complete his doctorate in naturopathic medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in 2000.  For over 20 years, Dan has been a practicing physician, using natural methods to support patients in regaining and maintaining optimal health.

Dan’s interests narrowed in on cardiovascular health due to stagnant and ineffective conventional medical efforts to address the causal factors underlying the most prevalent health crisis in the U.S. In response, Dan developed a niche practice, aiming to thoroughly screen, treat and in many cases reverse the trajectory of cardiovascular disease. He now defines himself as a "cardiovascular health facilitator," applying leading-edge screening tools, evidence-based therapies and comprehensive patient education so his patients have optimal results. Dan has studied with and received direct training from leading cardiovascular experts, including Brad Bale, MD, Amy Doneen, DNP, Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, Mark Houston, MD, and Joel Kahn, MD.

His thorough screening approach and thoughtfully designed protocols lead to extraordinary results for his patients.