Jackie Kirihara, ND


Jackie Kirihara, ND, brings her experience in naturopathic primary care for women and children, as well as additional training in preconception through postpartum care, to her role as a naturopathic physician at BioLounge.

Jackie approaches care with a thorough investigation to understand each patient's unique patterns and symptom presentation. Through in-depth health history, examinations, physical assessments, comprehensive lab testing, and consideration of all aspects of an individual’s health, Jackie combines both holistic and Western medical approaches. Given her integrated background and her toolbox of natural and pharmaceutical therapies, Jackie provides well-rounded treatment.

Jackie is passionate about supporting women, adolescents, and kids to discover the amazing capacity of their bodies and to understand how to navigate normal and abnormal health hurdles.

Jackie completed her naturopathic doctorate and natural childbirth certificate at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She is also a licensed naturopathic midwife, which plays into her special areas of interest around preconception and postpartum care. Her specialties include women’s health, mental health and pediatrics.