Jeff Grimm, NP-C

Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Specialist

Jeff Grimm, NP-C, brings over a decade of fellowship training and hands-on experience in the anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine fields to his role as the nurse practitioner at BioLounge in Portland, Oregon. Jeff is passionate about helping patients discover a new path to optimal health and maximum longevity by reconfiguring body chemistry and changing personal biology.

Jeff approaches wellness from a biochemical approach by using comprehensive lab testing. Through these tests, he can recognize emerging health problems, early indicators of chronic disease and other reasons that a patient isn’t functioning at their peak. From there, he can personalize treatments such as hormone restoration, intravenous (IV) therapy, nutrition, lifestyle and cutting-edge medical care to help clients achieve the glowing good health and impressive longevity they deserve. 

Jeff completed his medical education at the Columbia University School of Nursing in New York, New York. He’s also certified and fellowship-trained by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Jeff's areas of special interest include optimizing cellular performance and promoting longevity.

With his extensive experience and unique approach to wellness, Jeff is an in-demand speaker and lecturer at conferences. He also serves as an advisor to many leading health care companies.

What his patients are saying

"Jeff is the best healthcare provider I have ever worked with. He listens intently. He asks questions. He does research. He discovers solutions and provides reasoned recommendations. I know my optimized health has resulted from his intelligence. I feel deeply grateful for how he has used his energy and expertise to guide me towards wellness and longevity."

—Jesse R.

"Jeff is a wealth of information and guidance. He was highly recommended by my physician. Want to live longer and live a more functional and healthy life? Go see Jeff and his team."
—Brandon K.

"Jeff is a great practitioner! He is smart, empathetic and an engaged listener. It is instantly apparent that he wants you to feel like your best self and that he is working to make this goal a reality. I appreciate his efficiency and his availability very much and am so grateful I found him!"
—Elizabeth F.

"Jeff Grimm is a highly educated and caring provider. As always, I feel grateful to have him in my corner."
—Kate D.