Megan Barnett, MS, CNS

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Megan is the co-owner of BioLounge and works as a functional nutritionist with patients in Portland, Ore., and across the country. Her focus is partnering with patients to identify physiological, biochemical and energetic factors to improve wellness today while mitigating health risks in the future. Using a fix-what-you-find approach, Megan practices an evidence-based healthcare approach, relying heavily on research and clinical experience to develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle support for each patient's unique needs.

Megan earned her bachelor of science degree in dietetics at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She went on to earn her master’s degree in human nutrition and functional medicine at the University of Western States in Portland, Ore., and is a board-certified clinical nutritionist. She sits on the board for Certified Nutrition Specialists and supervises candidates working towards their board certification. Megan co-developed the BioLounge clinical nutrition immersion program to mentor clinicians aiming to build their clinical nutrition experience. Megan speaks nationally on women's health, disease prevention through nutrition and the unappreciated connection between oral microbes and systemic disease.

In 2020, Megan launched Florasophy, clinically developed organic soluble fiber blends aimed at supporting optimal digestive, hormone, metabolic and cardiovascular health.

What her patients are saying

"When I came to see Megan, I was having issues with chronic inflammation, sleep, brain fog, muscle aches and loss of energy. I kept gaining weight and was barely eating. Megan looked at the whole picture by assessing me for food sensitivities and hormone levels. She put me on an anti-inflammation diet to determine which foods were causing issues. Immediately I was able to adjust my hormone levels and trigger the healing process. I lost 32 pounds, my mind is noticeably clearer, my energy levels have improved and I now sleep through the night. Thank you, Megan, for giving me my life back!"
—Gina H.

"Megan did an excellent job assessing my needs and then checked with me step by step to see how I was progressing. She was always available by text, which was very much appreciated when I was having major difficulties. She and Jeff are both very caring people and TRULY want to help you achieve a pain free healthy life. I feel I am very lucky to have found both of them!"
—Lynne W.

"I’ve had an amazing experience with Megan. She checks in between appointments to see how things are going, and I appreciate that very much! My body is so much happier now!"
—Aleta M.

"Megan is thoughtful and professional in her interactions. She is very clear with communications about the plan of care, lab results, and information to support the treatment/diet suggestions. I am so glad I was referred to her."
—Ruth O.

"Megan really takes your habits and lifestyle into consideration. I feel this made a huge difference in my being able to be successful with the changes we were making."
—Tess B.

"As much as I value Megan's ability to educate and offer insights, I value her ability as a listener even more. Grateful to be working with her."
—Michael C.