Tara McCoy, MS

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Tara works with adults in Portland, Ore., and throughout the country. Tara’s approach combines functional nutrition with comprehensive lifestyle modification to create personalized solutions for her clients. She seeks to understand the intricate connections between nutrition, biochemistry, habits and personal health, resulting in a tailored approach for each person.

Tara received her master’s degree in nutrition from University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis on biochemistry and functional nutrition. Her clinical experience spans both primary care and functional medicine clinics, where she’s had the opportunity to collaborate closely with patients and other healthcare professionals to tackle a wide range of health challenges.

Additionally, Tara uses her extensive background in health coaching and behavior design to facilitate lasting behavior change. This enables her to not only recommend effective interventions but also to guide clients through the process of integrating these changes into their daily lives, ensuring long-term success and sustainable health improvements.

Tara seeks to be a collaborative partner, supporting your health journey. Whether addressing chronic conditions, optimizing overall health or navigating the complexities of dietary and lifestyle changes, her approach is always personalized, patient-centered and grounded in the latest scientific research. Together, you and Tara will explore your health history, lifestyle and personal goals to craft a customized plan that not only addresses immediate concerns but also supports a lifetime of optimal health.