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  • Integrative Therapeutics Theracurmin HP
  • Integrative Therapeutics Theracurmin HP
  • Integrative Therapeutics Theracurmin HP
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Integrative Therapeutics

Theracurmin HP

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Theracurmin® is a novel preparation of turmeric that utilizes patented, colloidal dispersion technology to enhance bioavailability and dramatically increase curcumin levels in the blood.*1

Unlike other forms of curcumin, Theracurmin is water-dispersible, thereby improving curcumin's overall absorption.

How it works

Standard curcumin is poorly absorbed even at high doses. Human clinical trials show that Theracurmin® is over 27 times more bioavailable than a standard curcumin extract and is many times more bioavailable than other commercially-available curcumin supplements.1,2 Theracurmin® has been clinically shown to support detoxification pathways, healthy cardiovascular function, muscle recovery after acute exercise and provide relief of minor pain due to occasional overuse.*1,3-5

In vitro and in vivo research demonstrates that curcumin supports detoxification and cytokine pathways.*6,7 While mechanisms of action are still under investigation, the chemical structure of curcumin directly influences antioxidant pathways, with its phenolic hydroxyl group behaving as an electron donor.7 Based on in vitro and in vivo studies, curcumin's indirect effects on antioxidant pathways include modulating cellular redox homeostasis and enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes like catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione-S-transferase, enzymes that also support detoxification and cytokine pathways.7


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